Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choices to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.

- Brene Brown

What you can expect from therapy with me:

You can expect that in our first session, I will be working to get to know you and your story. I believe that it is important to create an environment that is non-judgmental, safe, trusting and filled with compassion and empathy with a dash of laughter. Beyond those sessions, you can expect that we will be working toward the goals you have identified. It is my intention to come to each session with curiosity and flexibility because we are always evolving and changing and so that might require new ways to approach your goals. Sometimes things can get worse before they get better. Therapy is not linear and there will be moments when we have to go back at the basics.

As your therapist, I am invested in working collaboratively to support you at every stage of your journey.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and have been working in the field for nearly a decade. I love using skills so you can begin to apply them outside our sessions, which is where the real work happens. I also like to explore patterns, so talking about your full life will help me learn more about how you became the unique person you are. I also like to connect people to the mind/body experience. Learning to be connected to the body helps us understand our actions and behaviors with more awareness. It also gives us more options about how we choose to respond.

I have been trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) which is a skills-based therapy that will help you create connections in your relationship with others and yourself, improve your presence and awareness, strengthen your emotional tolerance, and improve how you regulate your emotions.

I am also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCPT) and with this certification and my experience working with individuals who have experienced trauma, I am always looking to provide a trauma informed experience and collaborating with you from a trauma informed perspective.

I would consider myself an eclectic therapist but other treatment methods or tools I use are Motivational Interviewing which allows us to explore what you want to change, what is getting in the way, and the steps to begin changing, self-compassion techniques which helps clients learn to apply more kindness to themselves, mindfulness strategies which focuses on awareness of our internal and external experiences, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which can helps individuals become aware of thoughts, emotions, and actions. Addressing our thoughts can help improve how we feel.

Understanding personal values is such an important skill that I love helping my clients master. So many of us are walking through life not aware of what we value or how to begin aligning our values and actions to our everyday life. If we are not clear about our values, how can we begin to create the life we want?

Assertiveness and boundary setting skills are also areas I believe help to create the life perfect for us. So much of our anxieties are connected to the challenges we face and the resentment we feel when we have ignored our inner voice. I will help you trust and strengthen that voice.

Other areas that I feel most comfortable helping clients explore include family and relationship issues, stress, anxiety, PTSD and trauma, women’s issues, parenting, emotion regulation and overcoming challenges at the intersections race and gender.


Free To Be Counseling Services values authenticity, collaboration, communication, creativity, knowledge, respect, accountability, compassion, gratitude, self-improvement, and service. I hope that when any client, peer, or potential partner is in proximity to the services that are provided or looking from afar, they notice the work is aligning with the values being shared. People deserve to seek services and their full humanity be respected and nurtured. That is what Free To Be Counseling Services will ensure.

Vision statement

The vision for Free to Be Counseling Services is that everyone who is appropriate for the services being offered receive individualized care that is not only tailored to the client’s needs but also delivered with current and contemporary interventions. I believe that exceptional therapists and individuals in the helping profession are dedicated to being lifelong learners to provide quality care that clients deserve.

Mission statement

I believe that the vision of Free To Be Counseling Services can be carried out by the following:

Offering a brief consultation to make sure the prospective client feels Free To Be Counseling Services are appropriate and in alignment with their needs

Conducting a thorough assessment to understand the client’s need for therapy

Developing treatment goals in collaboration with the client and made specific to the client’s desires

Completing any documentation in collaboration with the client so we are always on the same page regarding progress being made

Collaborating with the client during every stage of therapy to make sure their needs are being met and addressed

Creating an environment with the client that promotes safety and care, curiosity, compassion, support, honesty, trust, and growth

Encouraging open dialogue if there are moments of dissatisfaction with the services being provided

Believing that the therapeutic relationship is enhanced by the strengths the client possesses


Life is never all good or all bad. To fully embrace life we must accept the tornados and thunderstorms as well as the rainbows and sunshine. If you are here that means you are ready to accept that your life may be imbalanced and you are ready to even the scale. Having an inspiring life does not mean that your life is perfect. It means that you are committed to the discomfort of change because there is no growth in our comfort zones. Change can cause us to feel afraid and change can be just the thing we need to get out of your own way.

It is always inspiring when people make the first step to reach out for help. Just know that I see the strength you possess. I also know that it is not an easy thing to do. As someone who is not only a therapist but also in therapy, I am often reminded of how fearful this process can be when I am challenged, exhausted, and impressed by my journey.

I will tell you exactly what I have come to understand: If healing was easy everyone would be doing it.

There are moments when healing can feel difficult, uncertain, and unattainable. Feel your feelings and keep going because there is freedom on the other side. The beauty of healing is you are free to be whoever you desire. You are free to be what you want and you are free to be all the things that make you you!